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Comparing Options for Appliance Repair Schooling

With the new year here and some readers potentially considering a career switch into appliance repair, I wanted to provide a fresh overview of the top appliance repair schools out there, their unique features, their drawbacks, and their costs. I examined the four significant entities offering training programs: Penn Foster, Louisville appliance repair, Atlanta Appliance Repair School, and Indy Appliance Repair. In addition to this information, you should be taking into consideration your existing knowledge of appliance repair, your general mechanical/electrical skills, your budget for education, and your timeline for starting work.

It is no secret that I started my career with tools in hand and have been quite successful. However I often get comments asking me about other options so i have done my best to be objective in my analysis.

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Appliance Repair Maintenance

Between soccer practice, budget meetings, deadlines and weeknight dinners it can be hard to fit in a dryer vent cleaning or hose inspection for your dishwasher. That's where Memphis Appliance Repair comes in! We provide professional prompt and reliable appliance maintenance services Louisville KY area. With our thorough service you can enjoy more years of dependable appliances that will keep running smoothly all day long without any hassle on your part

Washing Machine

If a leaky washing machine hose is not detected, it can go unnoticed for several loads before you notice standing water on your floor. That means that by the time you find out about it and have to deal with an expensive repair job or replacement of major parts such as hoses and pumps, there may be hours or even days worth of damage done! Our comprehensive maintenance package will detect any faulty equipment so that this doesn't happen - think safety first!

Dryer Maintenance

Ever wonder what can happen if you don't clean your dryer vent? Our company will show you with this demonstration.
A fire starts in the oven, and then ignites all of the natural gas that's built up from cooking. As soon as it gets close to a closed door or window, BAM! The whole house goes up like an inferno in seconds flat because of how quickly our homes combust--and there are countless ways for something bad to start on any given day when we're not even home yet! But did you know that most fires occur outside out kitchen? It happens more often than ever before due to laundry loads taking much longer these days thanks largely due increased energy costs (about $150 per year). That is why

Dishwasher Maintenance

If you notice that your dishes seem dingy after washing, your dishwasher might be the culprit. We regularly check  for hidden leaks and clean pumps and screens as preventive maintenance to maximize wash ability and ensure your dishes sparkle and shine.



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