What the Designers think?

Southern Living magazine teamed up with 17 leading designers from across the country to talk about trends in southern kitchens. The four main interior design trends are on everyone's minds because they keep coming back again and again, even as other fads fade away into obscurity.

The Southern living team pulled together a group of internationally renowned architects who were tasked with designing their own ideal homes - what would you look for if it was your house?

Prep Areas

The butler’s pantry is a common area in the kitchen that goes unused by many. However, today's kitchens are making good use of this extra space and it can be used for more than just additional storage or prep areas. When placed adjacent to the main cooking area, they have been known to provide secondary dishwasher spaces where an entertainer could run their dishes through without having them clutter up your sink while you continue with entertaining! A warming drawer typically keeps hot foods safer from being too close to other items on top of a countertop so if there isn't already room for one below then consider placing it here instead. Warming drawers also come equipped with timers which will automatically switch off after two hours 

Color Changes

The 50s were a time of change. Modern kitchens had begun to take shape, but the retro feel that we all remember was alive and well in most homes across America. Vintage appliances are making their comeback with new colors such as teal taking over traditional white or stainless steel ovens, blending modern form and function while maintaining an eye for style not seen since our grandparents' era. Bold color is no longer just reserved for counters and backsplashes; it now encapsulates drawer pulls, handlesets on cabinets doors--even decorative lighting fixtures! With this eclectic mix of classic Louisville design mixed together with some pop-of-personality flair from bold pops of color you can make your kitchen look like home

Refrigeration Throughout the Home

Appliances are not only in the kitchen anymore. Many  homeowners have incorporated refrigeration and other appliances throughout their homes to save time, money, and hassle for themselves. Appliances can range from a fridge under-the-counter near the media room so you can grab cold drinks while watching TV or chilling out on your couch; a wine cooler by your bedside table which will be ready with chilled champagne every night before getting into bed; small bar fridges in an office/den area that doubles as an entertaining space where family members of friends come over to catch up around dinner time - anytime is perfect! With many different areas in various levels of our home now equipped with these necessities we never need worry about running low on iced tea juice pops

 Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

the us is one of the latest areas to adopt indoor and outdoor spaces. While these are popular in many southern cities, an urban sprawl has made it difficult for those who have been sold on this trend until recently. Now that more people are able to enjoy the benefits of combining their kitchen space with an outside living area, new innovations in appliances such as under counter refrigerators or warming drawers make entertaining a breeze without having to run from room-to-room every time you need something!

Finding creative ways integrate your home’s inside and out is one of America’s favorite trends at present – which can be seen all across the us! Indoor/outdoor setups allow homeowners easy access between cooking & eating zones while also

Kitchen Design in Your Current Home

Creative and imaginative people are always seeking creative solutions to everyday problems. If you’re looking for a way improve the beauty or convenience of your current home, don't even think about major renovations - just look at what Memphis Appliance Repair can do!

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